Great Lakes Cleaning is fighting Covid-19 with you. With our two-step process we focus our specialized misting on touch points and other surfaces, and use fogging for more delicate areas that have electronics or other things that can’t get wet and for airborne disinfecting.

Basically, the Covid virus is contained in a layer of fat. In order to kill the virus the fatty layer has to be removed. The chemical process we use kills the virus in less than 2 minutes and doesn’t have to wiped away.

By using both mist and fog, Great Lakes Cleaning assures the virus is killed both airborne and on different types of surfaces (fabrics, wood, vinyl, etc). Our disinfectant works on computer chairs, keyboards/mouses, desks, door handles/frames, switch plates, railings, etc. by penetrating porous surfaces to kill the virus where it can hide from usage of traditional wipes.

This specialized disinfectant is certified by the CDC to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and Covid-19 itself, as well as many others.