About Our Company

In 1986, with the birth of my 4th child I started doing homes to help support my family.  We desperately needed more income, but I didn't want to put my children in day care.  My customers had children of their own so I watched their children and kept their homes clean.
I did a different customer everyday, which saved them on day care and gave them financial flexibility to hire help with their house keeping.  An attorney and doctor asked me to do their offices once my children were in school and they referred me to other offices.  Most of our business growth is due to referrals from long time customers and the organizational skills of my husband.  He has been an integral part of the growth of our business.  He was vice president of Great Lakes Controls and sold out his share of that business to help build this one.  Together we have expanded our business to several different areas of cleaning.  We still have many of our original clients that supported us in our growth.  A growth we are comfortable with and ensures that all our clients remain satisfied with the services we provide them. Any problems we come upon is a learning experience that we research until we solve it and it adds knowledge base.  Our customers are very special, professional and friendly. Our family and our employees are the heart of our business.  They make it all work and we are very proud of each and everyone of them.


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